2018 Season

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!  We Will Be Opening Our Gates at 9:30AM Friday, November 23, 2018 With Full U-Cut/We-Cut Christmas Trees This Year.  Looking Forward To Sharing The Holidays With You All On The Farm This Year. 


Thank You For Supporting Our Past 2 Years Of Bringing In Some Pre-Cuts.  Thankfully, We Will Not Have To Do That This Year!

Tree and Wreath Care

Tree Care

  • Make a fresh cut, perpendicular to the tree trunk, approximately ½ in. to 1 in. from base of trunk before placing into secure stand.  This will insure the tree consumes fresh water and will help maintain it’s longevity and needle loss.
  • Place tree in water as soon as possible.  Use a tree stand that can hold approximately 1 gallon of water to ensure the tree does not go dry.  Check and replace water daily as needed.
  • Keep tree away from direct heat and draft sources such as a fireplaces and televisions.

Wreath Care

Our wreaths, swags, and centerpieces are treated with a nontoxic spray preservative to ensure longevity and freshness. Simply mist daily.

  • All round wreaths can be ordered and shipped during our holiday season. Our wreaths are carefully packaged and shipped in festive Seasons Greetings boxes with a personal holiday greeting from you. Orders can be placed by phone or when visiting our farm.

It's not just a family tradition...
It's a holiday destination!

Tree Pricing

Noble, & Nordmann Fir

Grand Fir

Tree Netting
$5.00 - this is a great way to minimize the hassle of getting the tree in your home

Tie-Down & Loading


Open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Thanksgiving to Christmas

9:30 am – 4:00 pm

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