2018 Season

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! This will be our final weekend for 2018 as we prepare to allow our trees to grow another year.  

We will be open December 7, 8, & 9th with U-Cut/We-Cut Grand Firs only.  We will have some pre-cut Noble Fir from our farm but will not have any U-Cut/We-Cut Nordmann or Nobles this upcoming weekend.  These trees are more picked over and we need to allow another year of growth on those that still live on our farm.  SEASON'S GREETINGS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS.



Tree and Wreath Care

Tree Care

  • Make a fresh cut, perpendicular to the tree trunk, approximately ½ in. to 1 in. from base of trunk before placing into secure stand.  This will insure the tree consumes fresh water and will help maintain it’s longevity and needle loss.
  • Place tree in water as soon as possible.  Use a tree stand that can hold approximately 1 gallon of water to ensure the tree does not go dry.  Check and replace water daily as needed.
  • Keep tree away from direct heat and draft sources such as a fireplaces and televisions.

Wreath Care

Our wreaths, swags, and centerpieces are treated with a nontoxic spray preservative to ensure longevity and freshness. Simply mist daily.

  • All round wreaths can be ordered and shipped during our holiday season. Our wreaths are carefully packaged and shipped in festive Seasons Greetings boxes with a personal holiday greeting from you. Orders can be placed by phone or when visiting our farm.

It's not just a family tradition...
It's a holiday destination!

Tree Pricing

Noble, & Nordmann Fir

Grand Fir

Tree Netting
$5.00 - this is a great way to minimize the hassle of getting the tree in your home

Tie-Down & Loading


Open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Thanksgiving to Christmas

9:30 am – 4:00 pm

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